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Aleco Bravo-Greenberg is a lifelong equestrian, who breathed new life into Rutledge Farm’s historic past. He began riding show ponies, when he was six years old, and rode, as a teenager, with longtime friend and Olympic show jumping gold-medalist Will Simpson, before finding his passion in polo.   


His late step-father, Mr. Hermen Greenberg, was an avid thoroughbred racehorse owner and breeder, who purchased Rutledge Farm, in 1984, and turned it into a world-class thoroughbred breeding operation, yielding champions like 1993 Belmont Stakes winner Colonial Affair.


After Aleco’s step father passed in 2010, Aleco made it his mission to carry on his stepfather’s legacy and open Rutledge Farm for equestrians to enjoy, with an expansive outdoor ring, a beautiful indoor ring, a polo field, and a derby / cross country field.  Aleco’s renovations celebrate Rutledge Farm’s history and also bring to life his vision for the farm, as a premiere destination, in the world of elite equestrian sport.

A board member of University of Virginia Polo, Aleco earned a Bachelor’s degree, from the University of Virginia, and both a law degree and an MBA, from Georgetown University.  20 years later, and after a decade in Los Angeles, California, he settled back into his Middleburg roots, and acquired his family’s Rutledge Farm, in 2015.  Aleco’s wife, Sandra, is also an avid equestrian, riding show jumpers.  Appropriately, Aleco and his wife married at Rutledge Farm.  
Other local involvement includes having served for 3 years as an original board member of the Middleburg Film Festival.  


Prior to that, Aleco executive produced and co-created"Hurricane Hunters", which was a hit tv series for the Weather Channel. 

Aleco also is an owner of multiple energy and health products, including "Soldier Fuel" energy drink, "GoPills", and the popular wellness supplement “Stress Killer”.

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