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Rutledge Farm Legacy



  • Rutledge Farm's original dwelling, a log cabin, is built.

Circa 1740

  • Rutledge Farm’s main house is built, incorporating the original logs as part of it's structure. 



  • 245 years later, Mr. and Mrs. Hermen Greenberg buy Rutledge Farm and spend years renovating the property, turning it into one of the world’s elite thoroughbred breeding operations. 

  • Smith-Blackburn Architects and Morgan Wheelock Landscape Architects are hired to design state-of-the-art barns and to renovate the residences, the grounds, and the paddocks.



  • Colonial Affair is bred by Rutledge Farm and foaled in Rutledge Farm’s Broodmare Barn.  1993, Raced by Centennial Farms, Colonial Affair wins the Belmont Stakes, which is heralded as the first time that any female jockey (Julie Krone) has won any of the three races of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. 




  • Colonial Affair is only 4 votes shy (out of 247 cast) of being awarded the Eclipse Award for American Male Champion Older Horse.




  • Rutledge buys a $2,500 foal and names it Researcher.  An indomitable spirit, the horse from humble beginnings goes on to win major races and set track records, only a few years later.   



  • Colonial Affair is inducted into the Virginia Thoroughbred Association's Virginia Equine Hall Of Fame.  (A very happy day for Mr. Greenberg.) 


  • Rutledge Farm's manager, Mr. Powell, is inducted into the VHSA Hall Of Fame.  (He continues as manager, until he passes, in 2013.)







  • Researcher wins the second Charles Town Classic, this time racing under Kinross Farm's silks.

  • Mr. Greenberg (posthumously) and Mrs. Greenberg are inducted into the Upperville Colt & Horse Show's "Wall Of Honor".



  • Mr. Greenberg's youngest son and widow continue Rutledge Farm's winning tradition, with another big win on Charles Town Classic day, meaning that "Rutledge Farm has now been represented with a winner, as owner or breeder, on all three Charles Town Classic programs dating back to 2009".



  • Rutledge Farm's former manager, the late Mr. Robert Powell, is inducted into the Upperville Colt & Horse Show's "Wall Of Honor".



  • Mr. Greenberg’s youngest son and widow buy out Mr. Greenberg’s other children and take over Rutledge Farm and put it into conservation easement.  (Living the Middleburg dream)



  • Rutledge Farm sets it's sites on becoming a premiere sport-horse operation, focusing on hunter/jumpers and Grand Prix riders.  Extensive improvements and renovations are set into motion for this major conversion. 

  • The farm’s historic polo field is revived and polo returns to Rutledge, for the first time in over 50 years. 

  • An outdoor riding arena starts construction. 

  • Refurbishing and converting the barns begins. 

  • Also implemented is a reservoir to hydrate the polo field and outdoor arena. 

  • The first half of the farm’s 14 miles of 4-board, double fencing is redone. 

  • Sur La Tete is inducted into the Virginia Steeplechase Association Hall Of Fame.  




  • Improvements and renovations continue, including finishing the outdoor riding ring's Attwood Equestrian footing and irrigation system. 

  • Rutledge guts and redoes the indoor arena’s roof and walls, to allow tremendous light. 

  • Refurbishing the barns continues, including new tack rooms. 

  • The second half of the farm’s 14 miles of 4-board, double fencing is redone.


  • New tack rooms and barns are completed, the indoor arena receives new, Attwood Equestrian footing, and the polo field is repurposed to allow Grand Prix jumping.

  • Rutledge establishes the "Rutledge Farm Sessions", where a collection of US Olympic Gold Medalists teach clinics, at Rutledge Farm. (McLain Ward, Will Simpson, Phillip Dutton, Leslie Burr-Howard)

  • Late in the year, a strong, regional hunter operation, TuDane farm and it's boarders move to Rutledge Farm.


  • 2016 USA Olympic Eventing Team jumper coach, Silvio Mazzoni, bases himself at Rutledge Farm.

  • The Rutledge Farm Sessions expands to Jumpers, Dressage, Eventing, and Equitation, all taught by US Olympic Medalists and professionals who have demonstrated superior skills and success on the international stage of equestrian competitions.  (Peter Wylde, Boyd Martin, Will Simpson, Ali Brock, Debbie McDonald, Phillip Dutton, Stacia Madden)  

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