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Olympic Gold Medalist, Jumper

“My experience here at Rutledge Farm has been nothing short of top-notch. The facility is top-notch. The footing is superb.The jump crew here is outstanding. There were top-quality horses and great riders, who were really hungry to learn. It is the ideal situation, for me as a clinician.  Aleco is doing a great job orchestrating these Rutledge Farm Sessions, and I am really honored to be a part of it.”


Olympic Gold Medalist, Jumper

“It was a wonderful experience. Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] is an extremely enthusiastic and professional gentleman to work with and his facility is first-class – it’s really quite spectacular. I know he would like to bring high-level show jumping to Middleburg. His facility really could be a wonderful place, not only for clinics but even possibly for events, as a professional operation.”


Olympic Gold Medalist, Eventer

“I’m very honored that Aleco asked me to do this clinic. It’s a beautiful facility, it’s great equestrian tradition, and I think it’s the first time that eventing riders have been here, so it’s exciting to be a part of it.”

“It’s just a privilege to be here. It’s such a beautiful piece of property and it’s such a great feeling from when you drive in those gates. Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] has really preserved it in a way that I think his family would have liked. It’s good to come to this area and work with lots of different riders, some pretty experienced and then others that are just starting out in the sport.”



Olympic Gold Medalist, Jumper

“Rutledge is a beautiful farm, meticulously taken care of. The footing is excellent and the jumps are beautiful. You have the opportunity of riding in the grand prix field.  You have the opportunity of an outdoor ring, the opportunity of an indoor ring.  It really is a top-notch facility, and it’s been a pleasure to teach here.”


Olympic Gold Medalist, Jumper

“I usually only do one clinic a year, and that’s the Emerging Athletes National Final in November. Aleco talked to me in Florida a year and a half ago and I thought it was a great idea. But when I came to Upperville, last year, Aleco invited me to come to the farm and gave me a full tour.  I saw what he was doing here and I just loved the idea. When I saw everything, it became a no-brainer that we needed to do this.”


Olympic Bronze Medalist, Dressage

Chef D'Equipe of USA Dressage Team

“I had never been here. I’d heard a lot about it though and I know there are a lot of clinicians here from the elite level. It’s quite a facility here. I think it’s the start of something really big in our country, and something really needed.”


Olympic Bronze Medalist, Dressage

"Rutledge is amazing! I think Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] has done an amazing job bringing in really top professionals in different disciplines, and giving people an opportunity that they normally wouldn’t have. It’s a beautiful facility, great footing.  He’s done a great job taking care of us."





“It’s an absolute world class facility. We’re in the mecca of horse sports here in Middleburg. It’s a real honor and privilege to come here. Knowing the clinicians from the other top equestrian Olympic sport,  it’s a real honor to be in the same bracket as Debbie McDonald, Peter Wylde, Phillip Dutton – to be regarded as one of the top riders in eventing to come along to Rutledge Farm and be a part of this training facility is a real honor. I can’t thank everyone enough for inviting me. It was a brilliant day of training and a bit of fun, and hopefully a bit of an inside look of how I go about training my horses at home.”



Medal Maclay Finals Winner

“Being at Rutledge Farm has been a great experience. I don’t do many clinics a year because of my schedule being so full, but this has been very well-run and organized. The best part about teaching a clinic is when the sessions are evenly matched, and I think Rutledge did a very good job putting evenly matched riders together so that you’re not having to change the exercises for each rider in one group. The facility is beautiful, very user friendly and seems to have everything that you need for a top training facility.”


Two-Time Olympic Show Jumping Silver Medalist 

“Rutledge Farm is a fabulous, beautiful facility,” Kursinski added. “And of course Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] is so enthusiastic in wanting to share the education with people and that is wonderful in our business to have somebody like that. It’s fabulous to help riders become better horsemen and to be better for the horses. To me education is about the riders, but it is really about how the riders are improving with their horses and making their lives better.” 


World Champion Hunter Rider and Trainer

"Rutledge Farm is amazing. Every part of it is just gorgeous - the ring, the footing, the jumps, the whole thing. It’s a privilege to be here.”



McLain Ward clinic & Peter Wylde Clinic

“The facility is incredible, it’s just absolutely beautiful. It’s definitely something that is out of a storybook. The footing is great, the atmosphere is great, the layout is great. It’s great for the area and I think it’s something that if anybody can, they should take advantage of it.”


Will Simpson clinic

“It is beautiful. I have never been here before and it is spectacular. The footing is great, the jump crew is really efficient and it was kind of intimate. It is different from a show where you are competing against each other; here there is a real camaraderie. I thought the clinic was amazing. I learned so much and [Will Simpson] has just a wealth of knowledge. I felt like a sponge the entire time soaking it all in.”


Peter Wylde clinic

“It was kind of like a bucket list item [to ride with Peter Wylde].  I was really excited.  I’ve watched him show over the years and always really admired his technique and it was something I wanted to emulate. So I was really excited that I got the opportunity to ride here.  It’s a beautiful facility and a perfect venue for this type of event.  Great footing, great jumps, it was really nice to have the privilege to ride here.”


Boyd Martin clinic

“It’s lovely here.  There’s nothing better than training on good footing and being asked challenging questions in atmosphere that you can trust – there’s no variables in it.”


Phillip Dutton clinic

“Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] has done such a neat thing bringing such good clinicians in. This is the first clinic that I have been able to participate in and people just love it. It’s a very special thing to have a really great opportunity like this here.” 


Debbie McDonald Clinic

“I was super excited to have the opportunity [to ride with Debbie McDonald], but you think, ‘Can you really get that much out of just two lessons?’ I have to say I already felt like I got a lot out of Saturday, but she really gave me some good tools Sunday to take home to work through this tough phase that we’re in for our training. Rutledge is a beautiful property and a beautiful facility. It’s a lovely place for a clinic and I welcome the opportunity to come back again for a future clinic.”


McLain Ward clinic

“We don’t have many opportunities around here like the Rutledge Farm Sessions, and we really appreciate that Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] has put all of it together. It means a lot, and we all learn a lot. It’s great to be able to have these professionals share their experiences with us. The Rutledge Farm Sessions is incredible for the sport, and it’s such a friendly environment for everyone. Aleco is doing something very big for the community.” 


Boyd Martin clinic

“The facility is gorgeous and it’s so nice because we live here in Virginia, and everything is so close. It's so nice that [Boyd Martin] can be here and we can just drive 45 minutes to this gorgeous farm and take lessons with top riders. It’s really amazing and we’re really in a unique situation.”


Debbie  McDonald clinic

“We’re just so fortunate here in the Middleburg area to have a venue like this, and an organizer like this that is committed to bringing in excellent instruction that we might not otherwise have access to.  What a phenomenal thing to have someone like Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg], who is committed to bringing in good people and on such a regular basis.  It's such a beautiful farm that has so many amenities to offer, and the little details that someone might not think of, he’s thought of them all! I’m so grateful to him, as are all of my students that got to come and listen.”


Ali Brock clinic

“I think that I got so much out of these last few days with Ali Brock. I got a chance to watch my lesson last night and I felt like I had another lesson all together. I really felt like I had an opportunity to understand what a dressage seat should be for me. A lot of thanks to Aleco for allowing us to have this wonderful experience here. I’m really excited to see what else they come out with in the 2020 season.”


Phillip Dutton clinic

“I knew the footing would be great here, and I knew he was going to set things up really nicely and be really organized. Even the weather listened to Aleco! Phillip Dutton's clinic was really nicely done and we had such a positive experience.”


Stacia Madden clinic

“I knew the footing would be great here, and I knew he was going to set things up really nicely and be really organized. Even the weather listened to Aleco! Phillip Dutton's clinic was really nicely done and we had such a positive experience.”


Stacia Madden clinic

“The clinic with Stacia Madden was awesome! To know her reputation and then to actually ride with her and get some really cool takeaways was really nice, especially for it to be local and available to all of us here in Middleburg, Virginia. Rutledge Farm is absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to ride in such a beautiful indoor."


Anne Kursinski Clinic

“As an amateur jumper rider I’m always looking for opportunities to learn from different professionals in order to bring new tools and perspectives to the work I do with my horse on my own at home. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to ride with Anne Kursinski at Rutledge Farm because her instruction gave me a framework to help develop a lighter seat with an effective rein connection to better communicate with my mare. Just a couple of weeks after the [Rutledge Farm Sessions clinic] we competed in our first 1.30m jumper class and won! Aleco [Bravo-Greeenberg's] vision for Rutledge Farm as a world class equestrian facility dedicated to providing access to instruction from top clinicians is of vital importance to the education and development of both amateur and professional equestrians alike."

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